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Photos page 1: Europe

Middle East  

Jaye & I start our trip:
6:40am - Thursday 1 March 2007 - in front of Westminister in London.

The Netherlands...

We were promised sun in Brussels:
Ice on the tent
Belgian restaurant!!

Moon and clouds over our campsite

Castles on the Rhine in Germany
Giant Pretsel - HofBrauHaus - Munich

Snow in Austria
South Africans love it!!

Camping at -5deg in Switzerland at Grindelwald

When Aussies start snowball fights...
They risk losing

The 140m high fountain in Geneva
Thirsty work touristing...

Mark & Jaye on the lakeside - Geneva, Switzerland

Gaudi's unbelievable "La Sagrada Familia" in Barcelona.
Jaye vs Andrew's beachwear...
Did I mention it was about 5deg? But the sun is the only important thing to Jaye!!

The road to Andorra

River snow scene - Spanish Pyrenese

It got cold...
...and eventually impassible :(

Smash 'n Grab broken window in France...
...Are there better places to wait for a replacement front window?     Nice :)

We often feel outnumbered in Europe...

Constant wind & rain through Europe drove us into the car to cook some nights.
There is only one place to be then.

Jaye is very proud of the little red kettle she found for the trip.
I guess it really is her kettle: Within a few days it developed a dimple to match her own...
Touristing again

Visiting Athens: our first day after a month of travel over 20deg!! We were extremely dissapointed by the Greeks' management of the Parthenon site. They located their site office and workshops for the restoration project directly in front of the most photogenic side of the Acropolis, almost blocking all viewing for paying visitors. Even though the site workshops were on the only flat ground, there MUST be enough money in their €32m budget for some scaffolding!!! It wasn't a work day, yet all cranes were left upright, obstructing absolutely every possible photograph. They appear to have no concept of low-impact restoration, and consideration for paying visitors, who no doubt are financing the restoration...

Sitting in our beautifull campsite in Greece, waiting for the sun to come out...
(It finally did after 2 days!!)

Middle East  

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