photos part 1







Photos part 1 - ASIA: Pakistan, Afghanistan & China

Boys playing cricket in front of Badshahi Mosque in Lahore, Pakistan

A man framed in a doorway in the Badshahi mosque

The colours of Autumn in Hunza province, Pakistan

Some of my travel companions, Afghanistan

A man taking an afternoon nap, Mosque, Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan

Entering China from Pakistan, via the Karakorum Highway, passing Karakul Lake

Kashgar, a mix of styles in North-Western China

A Temple wall in Sichuan province

Traditional dress at a food fair in Macau

An image from the buddist temple in Leshan

The poets inspirational hills of Huang Shan

The green Ram temple rootops

Beautifull traditional dress of a Naxi lady

A dog "on guard" in a village

3 monks in the Tibetan border region

Lights outlining a Pagoda over a lake

2 ladies in former Portuguese colony, Macau

a couple fishing in Leshan, southern China.

A fruit seller in Yangshuo

Sun setting over a frozen lake at the summer palace outside Beijing